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Behind the Scenes of ‘Raised by Wolves’

Much to fans’ disappointment, Max’s “Raised by Wolves” was canceled a while back, but Ridley Scott’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series remains popular, and for good reason.

The Birth of an Epic Universe

With thousands of games released every year, it takes a standout trailer to capture the attention of inundated video game consumers. But the team at Resight, a Tbilisi, Georgia-based VFX studio renowned for producing breathtaking visuals, rose to the challenge last year with a cinematic trailer for Vizor Games’ “Blood of Heroes”.

Using ZBrush for Lady Gaga’s Chromatic Ball Tour 

When large-scale prop company Jet Sets required a ZBrush artist to create a tree-inspired piece for Lady Gaga, traditional and digital sculptor Deborah Wright jumped at the challenge. A set piece of the 2022 Chromatic Ball tour, the complex, twisted fiberglass tree fully encompassed Lady Gaga’s signature piano. 

Using 3D to Bring Back the ‘Golden Era’ of Professional Wrestling

How Fraser Davidson used C4D, Redshift and more to create a figurine collection celebrating wrestling’s glory days.By Logan Baker Maxon recently had the opportunity to speak with Fraser Davidson, the mastermind behind a campy, fun 3D-crafted figurine collection of some of wrestling’s all-time greats. Using Cinema 4D, Redshift and Greyscalegorilla Plus, Davidson brought Hulk Hogan, […]

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The Bungie team on using ZBrush to create characters and weapons for the most recent ‘Destiny’ expansion.

No Ordinary Prequel

A love of design and VFX inspired friends and collaborators Justin Fields and Jordan Broe to start Los Angeles-based Sanctum Studios.

‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’

Lucas Cuenca was born in Ushuaia, Argentina, one of the southernmost cities in the world and a last stop for boats on their way to Antarctica. He made his way to Buenos Aires to study multimedia design, and that was where he first saw “The Lord of The Rings” in a theater.

Creating the “HUXLEY” Universe

“HUXLEY” is an original post-apocalyptic adventure by Ben Mauro , a talented concept artist, character creator and world builder. Over a decade in the making, “HUXLEY” is a trailblazing project that spans NFTs, digital and physical collectibles, film, video games and ultimately immersive experiences in the Metaverse.

The Burrow in 3D

Patryk Urbaniak is look development lead at ScanlineVFX, an award-winning studio with seven locations around the globe. He’s also a huge Harry Potter fan who enjoys challenging himself with personal projects that involve learning new skills.

The Dance of Life in CG

The collective behind Argentina-based Playful Studios collaborates on a wide range of creative campaigns for clients all over the world.

A Flood of Plastic in 3D

Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster is a two-minute animated satire with a serious message about what would happen if the 1.8 million kilograms of plastic waste exported by the United Kingdom every day was dumped on Downing Street.

Making Science Fun

Madis Epler worked as a graphic designer for several years before realizing he was really more into animation. So he pursued that goal, digging deep into tutorials, books and everything related to 3D. Now a busy freelance creative director, animator and CGI artist, Epler runs his own studio, Banzai Animation, in Estonia where he grew up.

Using 3D to Set Renaissance Art in Motion

New York City-based director Saad Moosajee has always found Renaissance art interesting because “it evokes God and seems to have a holy quality whether there are literally angels or just dark, moody figures,” he explains. Even so, it’s an aesthetic he hasn’t found much use for until recently, when Japanese singer-songwriter, Joji, contacted him about directing a music video for “777”, a track from the artist’s latest album, Nectar.

Machine Dreams

TV series titles don’t usually need updating from season to season. But with the hosts leaving the theme park to head out into the real world in Westworld’s season 3, the time was right to make a change. Asking the question, “What would it look like for a machine to look back on the world of Westworld’s first two seasons, Antibody collaborated with AI Fiction to create “machine dreams” for the title sequence, which explores what the characters go through as they struggle with their new freedom.

High-End Effects on an Indie Budget

A behind-the-scenes look at a new film about artificial intelligence by the creators of Chef’s Table. Anyone who has watched a lot of science fiction knows it’s never a good idea to get on AI’s bad side. Get snarky with Siri and Alexa, and future artificial intelligence might just make an example of you during the robot apocalypse.

Coffee Run

Bomper pushed C4D’s character tools to make an animated short about a round of drinks gone horribly wrong.

Drone Racing for the Real World

Say hello to the Drone Racing League’s (DRL) Racer4 Street, a consumer version of the drone used by the league’s top pilots. Unheard of until just a few years ago, drone racing is fast becoming a popular world-wide sport and the DRL is not only the international, professional drone racing circuit for elite first-person-view pilots.