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RTX On is a mograph course geared towards motion graphics artists who want to push the limits of what is possible in Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5. Our focus for this course is to squeeze the most quality out of real time raytracing while educating our participants on runtime optimizations. This course is suitable for Unreal Engine beginners and will cover topics such as Blueprints, Sequencer, Lighting, RTX Optimizations, GPU Lightmass, and more.

Presented in 4K Resolution!
Runtime: ~12 Hours*

Meet Your Instructor

Brandon Clements is a 3D Artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2014, Brandon completed his Bachelor’s of Science at Purdue University in computer graphics technology. While attending college and interning at an engineering firm, he decided to start his own company, Glass Hand Studios. Glass Hand Studios specializes in computer animation and interactive experiences as well as tutorial content on YouTube.

He has assisted in starting another animation business in Louisville called The 3 Productions. Currently he works at Already Been Chewed as a Production Lead and Senior Motion Graphics Artist.

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Full-Length Sample

Here is a full-length sample chapter from the course.

Brandon takes you through the first steps of getting raytracing set up in your Unreal Projects.

Want to hear more about Brandon?

Brandon is a regular guest on the Mograph Podcast. Check out this Live episode and get to know more about him and his process.

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Unreal Engine 4.26+ and Davinci Resolve (Optional)


Q: What level of skill/experience do I need in Unreal to take this course?
A: While this course is suitable for anyone looking to optimize their renders in Unreal, a basic familiarity with Unreal and its U.I. is helpful to keep up with the speed of the lessons.  If you are completely new to Unreal, we recommend starting with Creating the Unreal

Q: Is there ever a sale or student discount?
A: Currently we don’t offer student discounts or plan on having sales. We try to price these as low as possible so they’re affordable but also compensate the instructors and staff. It’s a difficult balance, but we think it’s a fair price for their hundreds of hours of hard work.

Q: Can I download these videos?
A: Unfortunately, piracy has ruined this option for online courses, but streaming is available at many resolutions for bandwidth purposes.

Q: What video playback platform is used?
A: Playback is on which uses a playback style similar to Wistia. The player will play at multiple speeds up to 2X and remember where you were in your lesson when you return.

Q: How long do I get access to this course?
A: LIFETIME access. We will continue to update this course to adapt to software updates as long as possible.

Q: Does this cover the new features in Unreal Engine 5?
A: Unreal Engine 5 was released as the course was being finalized.  We have added a new chapter to the course to cover changes from 4 to 5 and plan to continue making new videos as features are rolled out from Epic Games.

Q: Can I buy this, try this out as a “trial,” and then ask for a refund?
A: Absolutely NOT. Due to piracy issues, all sales are final. Please make sure to read the description of the course BEFORE you buy.

*Renders, simulations, and caches have been cut or sped up in editing

Chapters are updated regularly for compatibility, therefore runtimes may change.

Due to piracy issues, all sales are final.