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Creating The Unreal

A beginner’s guide to Unreal for Cinema 4D Artists and Motion Designers looking to learn about real-time production, workflow, and rendering. Instructed by Jonathan Winbush.

Presented in 4K, 60FPS Resolution!
Runtime: ~10 Hours*

Meet Your Instructor

Jonathan Winbush is the owner of Winbush Immersive, and a multi-award winning motion graphics artist with over a decade of experience working in a wide arrange of mediums from traditional television, to virtual & augmented reality. Now an OFFICIAL Unreal partner, he continues to create amazing content on his Youtube Channel about Unreal Engine, Motion Graphics, Virtual Production, and Interactive development. WINBUSH continues to push the limits of what can be accomplished with dedication, creativity, and imagination.

Need some motivation?

Watch Jonathan’s intro video from the course and find out what’s in store once you begin your Unreal, Motion Graphics journey.

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Full-Length Sample

Here is a full-length sample chapter from the course. Winbush will guide you through the process of taking FBX animations, such as Mixamo data, from Cinema4D to Unreal Engine.

Still want to see more details?

This live special will take you behind the scenes. Winbush stops by to answer questions about his new course, Creating The Unreal, and talk about the ins and outs of putting together this course.

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Unreal 4.25+, Cinema4D R18+


Q: What level of knowledge do I need in Unreal to take this course?
A: This course is a BEGINNER’S course. We will start from the ground up.

Q: Do I have to know or own Cinema4D to enjoy this course?
A: A small amount of C4D or other 3D software knowledge is recommended. Owning C4D isn’t a must as this course is mostly in Unreal, but it is highly recommended. We WILL cover how to take your projects from Cinema4D to Unreal. You can apply the same concepts using other 3D software such as Blender, Maya, or 3DSMax.

Q: Is there ever a sale or student discount?
A: Currently we don’t offer student discounts or plan on having sales. We try to price these as low as possible so they’re affordable but also compensate the instructors and staff. It’s a difficult balance, but we think it’s a fair price for their hundreds of hours of hard work.

Q: How long do I get access to this course?
A: LIFETIME access. We will continue to update this course to adapt to software updates as long as possible.

Q: Should I take this course if I don’t know anything about 3D?
A: This course is for beginners to advanced 3D designers with a background in other 3D programs such as Cinema4D, Maya, 3DSMAX, or Blender.

Q: Can I download these videos?
A: Unfortunately, piracy has ruined this option for online courses, but streaming is available at many resolutions for bandwidth purposes.

Q: What video playback platform is used?
A: Playback is on which uses a playback style similar to Wistia. The player will play at multiple speeds up to 2X and remember where you were in your lesson when you return.

Q: Can I buy this, try this out as a “trial,” and then ask for a refund?
A: Absolutely NOT. Due to piracy issues, all sales are final. Please make sure to read the description of the course BEFORE you buy.

*Renders, simulations, and caches have been cut or sped up in editing

to compress video duration. Chapters are updated regularly for compatibility therefore runtimes may change.

Due to piracy issues, all sales are final.