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Matt Milstead @MattMilstead
Matt Milstead. Partner at
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Freelance motion designer and technical director in Berlin, Germany
Mark Cernosia
PRØFANITY Creative provides world-class animation and 3D product visualization solutions for the lifestyle and outdoor industries.
JC Tecklenburg
Chicago Freelancer. AE. C4D. He/Him Working to be my best self. artist, designer, human one day at a time.
Lead Animator at RenderKick - Technical Animation Services
Michael Szalapski
3D animator, motion graphics designer, and VFX artist for over 20 years. Described by Andrew Kramer as "the encyclopedia of After Effects"
3D motion graphic artist.
Rufus Paisley
3D Generalist. Live Visual Designer. Analog Video Enthusiast. Ephemeral Media Collector and Cultivator.
Lucas Altberg
multidisciplinary visual-sonic artist | 3d motion | graphic design | synths | cameras
Brian Barber
Illustrator, animator, videographer. Northern Minnesota.
Justin Hall
Real name: Justin Hall (go by J) I'm a traditionally trained animator, freelancing in animation, Mograph and VFX as Dancing Fish Productions. From the UK
Adam Hogan
Motion Designer from big ol' Canberra, Australia. 2D and 3D, some Houdini & Frame by frame. There's a bit going on here. I love a
3D Generalist and creative mind. Founder / Director at
Matthew Hinman
Videographer dabbling in mograph and 3D. Full-time for a nonprofit, looking to go freelance in the next 5 years.
Nico Nico
This is my short bio. It is awesome!
Julie Craft
Freelance animator in Detroit. Founder of Boxfort.
David Mellor
It’s a me MelloMograph.
Motion Designer/Art Director, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Dave Koss
Mograph! That's us!
Kaci Smith
Senior Motion Designer, SoM TA, Co-Founder of Mothers of Mograph
long walks on the sidewalk
Mathias Omotola
This is a story about a man with a Vision and a ????
Brilly, Formerly Known As Locked And Loading is a Digital Artist working w the largest brands & musicians in the world. Creating his trademark art
Chris Hufnagel
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