Time and Task Management for Creative Freelancers

  • after effects
  • Client Acquisition
  • Excel
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Mental Health
  • Networking
  • Task Management
  • Time Management

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If you are a creative freelancer, or are thinking about becoming one, then you’re going to need an organization system to help your business run smoothly! From planning and managing clients and projects, to shifting your overall mindset -I’m here to help you gain control of your creative business, speed up your productivity, and find a healthy, positive balance in your life.

I’m a freelance character animator, motion designer, motion design teaching assistant, and digital painter, living in Northern Colorado. Other than my animation work, my clients know me best for my speed, communication, and organization, and I’ve had numerous freelance jobs in the past 13 years that helped me build up these skills. From sales and project management, to VFX coordinating -I’ve been able to design a time and task management system for myself that keeps me feeling confident, in control, and ready to take on any obstacle. Now I want to share what I know and help more creative freelancers do the same!

In this free class you’ll learn how to:

Build better, SMARTER goals

Create the ULTIMATE spreadsheet for tracking clients, reach out emails, and referrals

MASTER your daily/weekly to-do lists

Design your “Work/Life Balance” that we hear so much about

Win the battle over your Imposter Syndrome And more!

All you need is access to a digital calendar (or a paper calendar with colored markers), Excel or Google Sheets, and a place to track your goals and daily to-lists (I use the Notes app).

Time and Task Management for Creative Freelancers