Zyra Taz


The Leaf all in one product video

  • after effects
  • cinema4d
  • embergen
  • octane
  • product animation.

Client – AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices)

I worked on this project back in October and November.

From the outset, I received the CAD files for the device and the jig.

I utilized MOI3d to create a renderable mesh and converted the STEP files to OBJs using the NGON option. This process ensured the preservation of normal maps, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into the working geometry in C4d.

Throughout the project, the designs underwent numerous revisions, especially towards the end of production. I found myself constantly making adjustments and sharing preview animatics after each revision.

The post-compositing phase presented an interesting challenge. I employed a technique within Adobe After Effects (AE) to craft the text transitions, pre-rendering them and then playing them in reverse to achieve a unique text appearance.

For the smoke effect emanating from the top of the device, I turned to Embergen. I exported the geometry and Alembic animations to create a collider within Embergen, followed by the development of a custom smoke animation. This aspect of the project required several iterations before achieving the desired result.

Overall, despite appearing straightforward, this solo project was fraught with significant challenges related to lighting and reflections. I resorted to using a variety of Greyscalegorilla (GSG) tools for softbox lighting. By implementing a three-point lighting system and supplementing it with targeted point lights, I was able to animate these lights in sync with the product. This approach ensured a uniform reflection and a polished appearance.

Thank you for exploring my first upload. I’m confident I’ll have more to share soon!


AVD Leaf Animation Storyboard_V04