Ritual Sacrifice

  • after effects
  • fluid sim
  • liquigen
  • redshift

As the corporate altar is prepared, the chosen ones—employees once deemed essential—are led forth, their fates sealed by the cruel calculus of cost-cutting. Like ancient offerings to insatiable gods, they are laid bare upon the altar of restructure, their talents and dedication rendered as tribute to the ever-hungry bottom line.

With each stroke of the blade, the corporate priesthood enacts their grim duty, severing the ties that bind these souls to the company’s fate. Their names, once hailed in the halls of innovation, now whispered in mournful tones as they are cast out into the wilderness of unemployment.

Yet, even amidst the carnage of layoffs, there lingers a chilling pragmatism—a belief that these sacrifices are necessary to appease the voracious appetite of profit margins. The blood spilled upon the corporate altar is seen as a necessary offering, a grim testament to the harsh realities of the industry.

Simulating liquid on GPU is the next level.
Can’t wait for JangaFX to add wetmaps and motion vectors to this fun piece of software.

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