Jen Van Horn

@Jen Van Horn

Nashville City of Music

  • after effects
  • Collage Animation
  • Photoshop
  • Pro Create

My friend Mike, aka @blcksmth on Instagram, needed to do a social post celebrating Nashville during his art residency in 2023, and I had been DYING to do an animated collage piece!


“Nashville is called music city. But it’s not because of this person (photo of Taylor Swift), or this one (photo of Tim McGraw), or even this one (photo of Dolly Parton).  It got its reputation as a musical city before country music even existed.

(start collage animation) Fisk university, a historically black university, formed a group of performers called the Fisk Jubilee Singers, who became the first musical act ever to travel around the world, and are even still around today!

The story goes that Queen Victoria was so impressed when she heard them, that she remarked that they must be from a ‘city of music’.

(end collage animation)  The nickname stuck, and that’s why….” (loop back to the beginning)

Full piece with audio and music: Instagram Post

Just the animation: