MidCentury Modern Animation Collab, Group 1, February 2024

  • after effects
  • animation
  • Collab
  • MidCentury Modern
  • motion design
  • procreate
  • Vintage

Such a great collab, hosted by Marc Lawrence! 🙂
13 of us were tasked with taking an existing Mid Century Modern static print, and making it move, however we were inspired to do so!

When I saw Alvin Lustig’s “Arts & Architecture Magazine ” piece from 1945 in the mix, I called dibs immediately! (Original image below)

I’ve been so inspired by collage animation, and learning new ways to animate textures in After Effects, so I knew I wanted to apply that. I also could see these stacked chairs animating like a deck of cards, so that was a challenge figuring out how to break each one apart so they could interlock visually and move independently with a bit of an offset.

Thanks to my fellow animators -your work has been so inspiring, and I can’t wait to do this again in May!

Adam Bennett
Aidan Strickland
Chris Zloty
Ivan Milošević
Joanna Goldman
Jonan Grobler
Kelly Schanes
Kingsley Willis
Magdalena Olchawska
Marc Lawrence
Narek Torosian
Rohit Pisharody


Original Image:

Process video: