Madden 2022


Madden, Madden, Madden. This project was my life for three years.

I was lucky enough to be able to work on all the animations for the Madden Ultimate Team card unwrapping animations. We were contacted in 2020 about needing some Cinema 4D and X-Particles help, and ended up doing the entirety of the animations.

I was the lead on this project for Madden 2021-2023. I was in charge of creating the team as well as making sure the client deadlines were met. I was also in the trenches with all the other artists working on animations. Throughout this process I had to use all kinds of tools including X-Particles for particles and liquid sims as well as TFD for smoke and fire sims.

It was an intense project but EA was one of the best clients you could ask for. They gave us initial inspiration, but gave us total freedom to be creative. It was great.