Betrayed Hulu Series

  • after effects
  • Mograph
  • Motion Graphics
  • sdfsdfsdf
  • Title Sequence
  • XParticles

This is a project I worked on with the amazing studio Secret Powers. I was tasked with building out a title sequence for the Hulu series Betrayed based off of the popular podcast of the same name.



We had about a week and a half to finish this project from beginning to end. We had been given a really rough Cinema 4D file with floating picture frames, with one that was exploding. It looked like it had come straight from an Envato Element template. We decided that instead of floating picture frames, it needed to have some kind of motivation. So together we came up with the idea of all the pictures falling as if being tossed from a balcony and having the camera follow the chaos. It would give motivation for the glass to break apart and the ensuing chaos.

The final shot for the glass shattering was a mixture of Cinema 4D dynamics on a voroni fracture mixed with an X-Particles shot emission and a time remap modifier. I originally had tried it with just the voroni fracture, but the chaos of the scene called for a much more extreme burst.

Another challenging part of this project was making sure that the rings hit the floor, bounce, and landed in exactly the correct spot. I’d considered going with full dynamics and having to try and have them bounce into place, but I found it was much easier to just hand animate the bouncing of the rings.

Super fun project, on a super tight deadline, and super proud of how it came out. Secret Powers was a killer studio to work with.