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Bank of America – MLB 2019 Opening Day

Here’s a Bank of America, New York Yankees spot I helped design and did all the motion graphics production for in 2019. This played on digital signage (screens) in retail BOA locations. I ended up doing a version for 7 major market teams. The most enjoyable part for me was working with -X-Particles to form […]

Nashville City of Music

My friend Mike, aka @blcksmth on Instagram, needed to do a social post celebrating Nashville during his art residency in 2023, and I had been DYING to do an animated collage piece! Script: “Nashville is called music city. But it’s not because of this person (photo of Taylor Swift), or this one (photo of Tim […]

Microsoft Solitaire UA ad campaigns

String out of my favorite ads that I worked on for Microsoft Solitaire Collection in 2022-2023! I handled the concepts, design, and animation for over 20 Solitaire UA ads last year, and these are some of my favorites!  

Crew 713 Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer for a WWII feature documentary I am co-producing and animation directing. The film tells the story of the first crew to complete a 30 mission tour in the 492nd Bomb Group, the most devastated group in US Air Force history. The 492nd suffered so many losses that they were disbanded after only 89 […]