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Porsche GT3

After spending the last 9 months or so learning to use Unreal Engine 5.3, this passion project pulls together just about every technique and trick I have learned so far inside Unreal. I also wanted to use this project as a way to improve my skills so I spent a ton of time cleaning up […]

MidCentury Modern Animation Collab, Group 1, February 2024

Such a great collab, hosted by Marc Lawrence! 🙂 13 of us were tasked with taking an existing Mid Century Modern static print, and making it move, however we were inspired to do so! When I saw Alvin Lustig’s “Arts & Architecture Magazine ” piece from 1945 in the mix, I called dibs immediately! (Original image […]

Hanar walking

this is everything you want it to be in an animation I do love that animated Gif work