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Porsche GT3

After spending the last 9 months or so learning to use Unreal Engine 5.3, this passion project pulls together just about every technique and trick I have learned so far inside Unreal. I also wanted to use this project as a way to improve my skills so I spent a ton of time cleaning up […]

Bank of America – MLB 2019 Opening Day

Here’s a Bank of America, New York Yankees spot I helped design and did all the motion graphics production for in 2019. This played on digital signage (screens) in retail BOA locations. I ended up doing a version for 7 major market teams. The most enjoyable part for me was working with -X-Particles to form […]

Hershey Kisses Kissmas for CVS 2016 – Breakdown

Back in 2016 I had the opportunity to design and build a a motion graphic video that would play on digital signage in CVS retail stores for Hershey Kisses promotional Christmas Kisses exclusively available for the retailer. I received the actual print production files for the in-store packaging and when about dissecting the assets and […]

Eleven’s Eggo -Personal Project

“Eleven’s Eggo” fan animation from Season 1 of Stranger Things that I designed (simple parenting and manual keyframes), rigged and animated.  

Denver Public Schools “Health Start Times” – Explainer Video

This super fun, retro-style character explainer video explaining the new school “Healthy Start Times” for the Denver Public School System was written, produced, and narrated by Ben Mckee, illustrated by Franklin Walters, and animated by me!  I also sourced and mixed the sound effects!

GyanSys SAP S/4 HANA – Explainer Video

I had the privilege of leading a team to create this fun explainer video about a speedy deployment for the SAP S/4HANA system with GyanSys, produced by Aaron Jacobs at OMH Creative. Script by Kristopher Wile, illustration by Nick Fauble, narrated by Jay Brady, music “Hit The Road” by VESHZA, and art direction, project management, […]

Nashville City of Music

My friend Mike, aka @blcksmth on Instagram, needed to do a social post celebrating Nashville during his art residency in 2023, and I had been DYING to do an animated collage piece! Script: “Nashville is called music city. But it’s not because of this person (photo of Taylor Swift), or this one (photo of Tim […]

Ritual Sacrifice

As the corporate altar is prepared, the chosen ones—employees once deemed essential—are led forth, their fates sealed by the cruel calculus of cost-cutting. Like ancient offerings to insatiable gods, they are laid bare upon the altar of restructure, their talents and dedication rendered as tribute to the ever-hungry bottom line. With each stroke of the […]

MidCentury Modern Animation Collab, Group 1, February 2024

Such a great collab, hosted by Marc Lawrence! 🙂 13 of us were tasked with taking an existing Mid Century Modern static print, and making it move, however we were inspired to do so! When I saw Alvin Lustig’s “Arts & Architecture Magazine ” piece from 1945 in the mix, I called dibs immediately! (Original image […]

Time and Task Management for Creative Freelancers

I’m releasing ALL 4 of my productivity courses FOR FREE on my YouTube channel! New chapters drop every Thursday at 2pm MST, so be sure to subscribe! ( If you are a creative freelancer, or are thinking about becoming one, then you’re going to need an organization system to help your business run smoothly! From […]

Microsoft Solitaire Card Spin

When I was a brand new Senior Motion Designer, I was tasked with this complicated animation of neon Solitaire cards flying down from their stacks and joining a spinning group of cards. I was TERRIFIED, but I live for the thrill of troubleshooting complex motion in After Effects! I was able to figure it out […]

Microsoft Solitaire UA ad campaigns

String out of my favorite ads that I worked on for Microsoft Solitaire Collection in 2022-2023! I handled the concepts, design, and animation for over 20 Solitaire UA ads last year, and these are some of my favorites!  

The Leaf all in one product video

Client – AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices) I worked on this project back in October and November. From the outset, I received the CAD files for the device and the jig. I utilized MOI3d to create a renderable mesh and converted the STEP files to OBJs using the NGON option. This process ensured the preservation of […]

Emerging Leaders: Unlocking Your Amazing Potential

We had the wonderful opportunity to work with the fantastic non-profit, Emerging Leaders ( to produce this animation to complement their hands-on training. Music: Man a Leader by And EJ (

Crew 713 Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer for a WWII feature documentary I am co-producing and animation directing. The film tells the story of the first crew to complete a 30 mission tour in the 492nd Bomb Group, the most devastated group in US Air Force history. The 492nd suffered so many losses that they were disbanded after only 89 […]

NFL AFC NORTH || Battle Of The North ||

 I used a 3d model of a football player and a toon shader material in C4D, I wanted the project to be a mix between with a street fighter arcade 8 style and an anime fight scene. The goal was to mix fight segments with highlights of the quarterbacks in the AFC north and match ups. Like Lamar Jackson vs […]