C4D to Spark AR Crash-Course

From Cinema 4D to publishing a filter in Spark AR within 1 hour. Instructed by Don Allen Stevenson III.


Presented in 2K Resolution!
Runtime: ~47 Minutes*

What will I learn?

Don will show you how to take a basic, animated model in Cinema 4D, export it in the correct format, import it into Spark AR, make sure it’s animating and placed correctly, apply a texture, add an environment, and upload for approval. This course is not about the complicated inner-workings of Spark AR, but rather the workflow between programs. It will help kick-start your understanding of the process so you can begin your AR journey. Subsequent mini-courses will cover other various topics in the world of Spark AR.

Meet Your Instructor

Don Allen is a specialist trainer in the education department at DreamWorks Animation. He has designed visuals for influencers like Lilnasx, Cardi B, King Vader, Bruno Mars. He’s also crafted animations for companies like Atlantic Records, Discovery Channel, MTVu, Ancestry DNA.

Still want to see more details?

This live special will take you behind the scenes. Don stops by to answer questions about his new course and discuss the world of AR.

Spark AR, Cinema4D R18+, Photoshop (Briefly)


Q: What level of knowledge do I need in Cinema 4D and Spark AR to take this course
A: This course is a BEGINNER’S course. The only requirement in C4D is having the ability to bring in your own geometry to follow along.

Q: Is there ever a sale or student discount?
A: Currently we don’t offer student discounts or plan on having sales. We try to price these as low as possible so they’re affordable but also compensate the instructors and staff. It’s a difficult balance, but we think it’s a fair price for their hundreds of hours of hard work.

Q: How long do I get access to this course?
A: LIFETIME access. We will continue to update this course to adapt to software updates as long as possible.

Q: Should I take this course if I don’t know anything about 3D?
A: This course is for beginner 3D designers with very little knowledge up to advanced designers looking to learn more about getting started in Spark AR.

Q: Can I download these videos?
A: Unfortunately, piracy has ruined this option for online courses, but streaming is available at many resolutions for bandwidth purposes.

Q: What video playback platform is used?
A: Playback is on Thinkific.com which uses a playback style similar to Wistia. The player will play at multiple speeds up to 2X and remember where you were in your lesson when you return.

*Renders, simulations, and caches have been cut or sped up in editing

to compress video duration. Chapters are updated regularly for compatibility therefore runtimes may change.

Due to piracy issues, all sales are final.